Some people say that the future determines the very earning of money and that you have to earn as much as possible. Meanwhile, work does not always give you the chance to investment make money. Sometimes something more is needed. In this case, alternative investments are a great way to build their economic stability. The accumulated money is working all the time and you are able to multiply your property. Money earned on investment earn more money. The first way, where it is profitable to invest money, is a system of pamm accounts, with which you can easily receive from 3 to 7% of the income per month. All that is required of you to start earning in this way is to choose the right trader who manages a pamm account, invest money in his account, by means of a secure system of PAMM (a module for managing the percentage distribution of profits and losses), and expecting profit from it. The second advantageous proposal, where to invest, so that they work, are trading robots (special computer programs), which after installation on your computer, start an independent trade on the exchange according to the mathematical algorithms programmed in them. The third method of profitable investment is binary options.A binary option is a certain transaction, according to which there is certain condition for the growth or fall of the price of any exchange instrument, and for a certain period of time. The fourth variant of the investment money is the Cryptocurrency, one of the varieties of virtual money that does not have its own paper analogs and a centralized authority that would issue them. In our world there are already over a thousand different cryptocurrencies and each is valuable in its own way. Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency, 25270