Money online investment network - is investing money in investment objects, in order to increase them. All objects of investment on the Internet multiply your money in different ways, but the main focus of earnings still goes to the interbank currency market. Where traders (people trading currencies) from different countries, exchange currency at favorable exchange rate, and the difference the courses are making money. In addition to the foreign exchange market, it is possible to increase funds in other areas, such as the Fund, the metal market, startups, micro-loans at very high interest rates, shares, bonds, binary options, mutual aid funds, HYIPs (high-yield projects), trust management, online resources, etc. Areas in which you can now increase your funds are actually very much and they are all different, but if you highlight only the main and most popular, you will get the following: Dealing centers (Brokerage companies), providing a system of PAMM accounts, and giving the opportunity to invest in PAMM accounts. The safest and most reliable way to invest online. Companies: Private investment funds (companies) that provide trust management services to investors in the market. Social financial projects working on the technology of people’s financial mutual assistance funds. The Deposit is made once, and the profit on it is charged every day for the whole year. High-yield investment projects-financial pyramids. Profit in HYIP projects is accrued from the invested funds of new investors. The most dangerous type of investment. 749