How to invest and make money .The secret of success of many investors is in the complex percentage. Unfortunately for investors who invest in stocks, securities, business and real estate, compound interest is rarely a condition of investment. So what is compound interest? Their whole point is that your income is calculated not only from the amount of investments, but also from the profit that is added to your Deposit amount. Thus, the resulting profit is reinvested immediately. In this case, your money makes money money received from money)) how to make money on investments? Letís start to calculate how to make a million with the help of investments. For example, you have invested money ($1000) in the Bank at 12% per annum for one year. After this period you will have $ 1120 in your account. If you invest again, it is not $ 1,000 and $ 1,120 and a year later you will have $ 1,254. Thus for the second year you will earn not 120$, but 134,4$. Of course, many people are not impressed by all this, as there is no profit, the more you need to wait 2 years. Letís see what we would have achieved by investing $ 1000 for 50 years at 12% per annum reinvesting . 83446 … money.html